Welcome to Pet Care Business Consulting

We've been providing Pet Care Business  Related Startup and Operations Consulting Services since 1999.

We have over 30 years of experience in providing Pet Care Business Startup, Development and Business Optimization Consulting Services and we have been successfully helping individuals just like you Start and Grow their Boarding Kennels and Dog Day Care Businesses all across the United States.  Here are just a few of the areas in which we have helped our clients:

♦ Pet Care Business Consulting for Boarding Kennels & Dog Day Care Pet Care Businesses

♦ Business Plan Review & Business Feasibility Analysis for Boarding Kennel and Dog Day Care Pet Care Businesses

Startup Cost Analysis

Location Selection and Target Market Demographic Analysis

♦ Zoning and Business Use Analysis

♦ Developing Reliable Employee Staffing Ratios and Management Plans

♦ Startup and Expansion Financing Options

Facility Design and Layout Services

Interior Finishes Selections for Soundproofing, Flooring Finishes, Kennel & Grooming Equipment

Defining the Scale and the Scope of Services you will offer

Developing Sales and Marketing Plans that work to Brand your Business

Projecting anticipated Seasonal and Cyclical Boarding kennel and Dog Day Care Occupancy patterns

♦ Comprehensive Financial Forecasting including new business startup forecasts and year to year growth

♦ Employee and Management Training Boot-camps

These are only a few of the topics in which we help our clients.  We know the pet care services industry, and we have the experience, the skills, and the insight to help you develop your pet care business.

How do we charge for our Services ?

We work with our clients on an open ended hourly fee basis. This allows our clients to select which areas of concentration they need assistance with knowing they can use our services as much or as little as they feel is necessary i.e. i.e. business plan review, site selection, target market analysis, competitive analysis, financial forecasting, etc. We feel this best accommodates the needs and budgets of our clients..


Ultimately, the out of pocket cost for our pet care business consulting services will depend on how much you do on your own and how extensively you use our services. You decide how we can best assist you,

We also offer a one-day on-site audit of a proposed location or existing facility with a written report for  a very reasonable fee + travel expenses.

Schedule your initial consultation today by calling us at (623-203-6959) . We'll be pleased to spend time with you to learn about your opportunity and to see how we can assist you.  You can also send us an e-mail with your contact information: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Pet Care Business Policies and Procedures Manual - $49

The Pet Care Business Consulting Policies and Procedures Manual has been developed after years of operating a Boarding kennel and Dog Day Care Facility.

This procedures manual serves as a guideline for the operation of Boarding Kennels and Dog Day Care Businesses . This manual will save you an incredible amount of time and take much of the guess work out of operating your Boarding Kennel and Dog Day Care Business. It is intended to aid in operating your pet care facility in a professional and efficient manner. as well as an operating guide for animal care, facility cleaning, front office procedures, and employee guidelines, there are various forms included for documentation of many of our pet care and administrative responsibilities. It is imperative for staff to be familiar with these procedures and forms and to use this manual as a reference whenever necessary. This manual is provided in Microsoft Word electronic format and is customizable to your specific needs.  to be used as a guide, and can be revised by your management on an as-needed basis.

Table of Contents

Section 1 - Animal care

Section 2 - Cleaning and Sanitation Procedures

Section 3 - Check-ins/Check-outs and Front Office Procedures

Section 4 - Business Operations and Management

Section 5 - Emergency Procedures

Section 6 - Personnel Management

Section 7 - Task Lists


The Pet Care Business Employee Manual - $49

Managing Employees Effectively is a Major Part of Managing a Boarding Kennel and Dog Day Care Business.  The Pet Care Business Consulting Employee Manual has been developed specifically for use in managing Boarding Kennels and Dog Day Care Facilities, and to save you time, effort, and trouble. It was developed after years of Hands on Management of employees at a very successful Boarding Kennel-Dog Day Care- and Grooming Facility.  This manual provides the guidelines you'll need to manage employees safely and effectively, and will save you countless hours of experimenting on how to best manage your business.  The Manual is provided in Microsoft Word Format and is completely customizable for your specific business needs. The manual is delivered in electronic format only.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Organization

Chapter 2: Personnel Polices

Chapter 3: Hours of Operation

Chapter 4: Employee Benefits

Chapter 5: Job Descriptions

Chapter 6: Business Operations

Chapter 7: Company Rules and Regulations Governing Employees

Chapter 8: Employee Pay

Chapter 9: Forms


The Complete Boarding Kennel and Dog Day Care Startup & Business Development Library

Our Comprehensive Pet Care Business Development Library is only Available to our Consulting Clients ! - All documents included in the library are provided in electronic format so you can completely customize them for your business needs.  The Complete Library includes the Employee Manual, The Policies and Procedures Manual, and the Complete Pet Care Services Webinar series. We transmit copies of all of the documents electronically , and the Webinar series  via DropBox.  We do not ship printed copies of the library as the cost of printing and shipping nearly a thousand pages of documents and spreadsheets would be prohibitive. Since the library is transmitted as an e-mail attachment, you will receive the complete library which includes all the modules and documents as a zip file within minutes after purchasing.


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